Arm wrestling

270px-DevonLarratt-TarasIvakinArm wrestling, also known as Bras de fer, is a type of wrestling (a combat sport) with two participants. Each participant places one arm (either the right or left, but both must be the same) on a surface with their elbows bent and touching the surface, and they grip each other’s hand. The goal is to pin the other’s arm onto the surface, with the winner’s arm over the loser’s arm.


Various factors can play a part in one’s success in arm wrestling. In general Males are stronger, thus own a greater chance at beating a female in arm wreseling. Technique and overall arm strength are the two greatest contributing factors to winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors such as the length of an arm wrestler’s arm, his/her muscle and arm mass/density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, reaction time, as well as countless other traits, can add to the advantages of one arm wrestler over another. It is sometimes used to prove who is stronger between two or more people. In competitive arm wrestling, as sanctioned by the United States Armwrestling Federation (USAF), arm wrestling is performed with both competitors standing up with their arms placed on a tournament arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling tournaments are also divided into weight classes as well as left and right-handed divisions. Furthermore, strict rules such as fouls given to penalties (such as the competitor’s elbow leaving a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times, or a false start), and trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent may result in a loss at the table. Paraphrasing USAF rules, arm wrestlers must straighten their wrists without a time lapse of one minute during competition.

The New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) is a New York State registered not-for-profit sports-entertainment organization, dedicated to the regional promotion of arm wrestling in New York for 37 years. The NYAWA features an experienced in-house staff and consultants which include: Borough captains, state and regional directors, public relations, marketing, advertising, clipping services, media broadcast faxing, event coordinators, stage directors, mailing list and membership control, DJ’s, arm wrestling instructors, referees, emcees, registration personnel, writers, website editor and data processor, scorekeepers, photographers, videographers, stage hands, medics, T-shirt / logo artist, special award designers and on-line magazine and newsletter editorial staff. New York Arm Wrestling® and KING AND QUEEN OF ARMS® are federally registered trademarks. There is nothing comparable to the New York Golden Arm Series anywhere in the world because both participants and fans travel to watch or compete in New York ‘Golden Arm’ Series tournaments, which are held in each of the five NYC Boroughs, Long Island and Upstate NY. 2. – The reputation, attitude, expertise and image of the NYAWA has been shaped and thus coordinated with the New York sports world and media that follows it. 3. – The New York ‘Golden Arm’ Series represents a “rainbow coalition” unto itself, with people of many races and ethnic backgrounds having become great enthusiasts and thereby word-of-mouth promoters of the sport, each within of their local communities. 4. – The NYAWA online email membership and contestant database has an unprecedented 3,800 active arm wrestlers from all over the world and maintains the popular New York Arm Wrestling® Association website at – NYC’s premiere Arm Wrestling Event is the 37-year old NYC Big Apple Grapple International and crowns the KING AND QUEEN OF ARMS

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is the universally recognized global governing body of amateur arm wrestling and comprises more than 85 member countries.[citation needed]

Some noted top arm wrestling competitors include John Brzenk (hailed as the greatest arm wrestler of all time), Zaur Tskhadadze, Alexey Voevoda and Jerry Cadorette. Allen Fisher is of high acclaim, for he has won 26 world championships[citation needed]. He is one of the oldest multiple world champion title holders in the sport of arm wrestling at 55 years of age in the year 2011. Heidi Andersson is a female armwrestler from Sweden who has won nine world championships between 1998 and 2011.

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