300px-AutograssAutograss racing is the biggest form of amateur motor racing in Britain with more competitors than any other. It takes place at venues throughout England, Wales, Scotland,Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is an old motorsport and has been going since the 1960s, although only became an official motorsport in the 1970s.

Autograss is car racing on natural surfaces such as grass or mud . It is usually held on quarter-mile oval tracks although this varies. It is primarily a participatory sport, although spectators do attend races. Meetings are promoted by non-profit-making clubs, which are affiliated to the sport’s governing body, the National Autograss Sports Association. The National Championships consist of one event held each year for mens classes and one for ladies and junior classes, which gathers all the local clubs together to compete. The events usually take place in August (mens) and September (ladies and juniors).

Racing requires an autograss car and a members licence from a club, which then entitles the driver to race at most events, apart from the Nationals. To race in the Nationals requires either pre-qualification or pre-registration. However there are now also some exclusive events in the British Autograss Series calendar that don’t fit into the usually informal tone of most autograss events.

Autograss racing is often a family sport. Junior drivers may start racing at 12 years old, moving into the adult classes at 16. Ladies’ races are held at every meeting and the sharing of cars between family members is encouraged. There are no medical restrictions and a driver does not have to hold any qualification, even a road driving licence, to be able to take part. A racing licence, usually around £50 per year for men, £40per year for women, £30 per year for juniors, £20 per year for mechanics and £10 per year for members. All cars must have a roll cage installed and fire extinguisher fitted within easy reach of the driver. There are eleven classes of car ranging from production saloons, through progressively more modified vehicles to the single-seat ‘specials’. Juniors can only race Class 1 cars or Junior Specials. There is a very basic test of driving competence by the local track marshal, consisting of a short drive ending in locking all four wheels under braking on grass.

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