Fox Hunting


Fox hunting is an activity involving the tracking, chase, and sometimes killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox, by trained foxhounds or other scent hounds, and a group of followers led by a master of foxhounds, who follow the hounds on foot or on horseback.


Fox hunting originated in its current form in the United Kingdom in the 16th century, but is practised all over the world, including in AustraliaCanadaFranceIrelandItalyRussia, and the United States. In Australia, the term also refers to the hunting of foxes with firearms similar to spotlighting or deer hunting.


The sport is controversial, particularly in the UK, where bans were introduced for Scotland in 2002, then for England and Wales in November 2004 (law enforced from February 2005). Proponents see it as an important part of ruralculture and useful for reasons of conservation and pest control, while opponents argue that it is cruel and unnecessary.

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