Shooting sports have been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement at the 1896 Summer Olympics except at the 1904 & 1928 editions.

Skeet Shooting at the OlympicsMen’s shooting was one of the nine events at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, in 1896. In the Paris Games in 1900, live pigeons were used as moving targets. After the 1900 games, the pigeons were replaced with clay targets. In 1907, the International Shooting Sport Federation came into existence and brought some standardizations to the sport.Men’s

When shooting was reintroduced in 1932, it consisted of only two events. From this, the number of events have increased steadily until reaching the 2000-2004 maximum of seventeen events. The 2008 games had only fifteen. Events marked as “Men’s” were actually open events before the inclusion of separate women’s events in that discipline. Two women won medals in such mixed events: Margaret Murdock, silver in Rifle 3 positions (1976) and Zhan Shan, gold inSkeet (1992).

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